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A website where I can write freely about non-technical things. It’s more about daily life and phenomena that happen around me.

I wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia because it’s easier for me and my target audience to understand what I want to say.

Guest book

In this guestbook section, I was inspired by Lee Robinson’s guestbook. Here I made it simpler and freer.

This feature gives me a new experience with Neon(previously I was using Planetscale) as my place to store data in a PostgreSQL database. Combining Neon with Prisma makes this small web-building experience even more interesting, especially when I use SvelteKit to make it even more perfect.

Another important feature is the notification whenever someone adds a message in the Guest book. I want to be notified every time someone fills it up.

Telegram bot message
Telegram bot message

For this reason, I added automation using a Telegram Bot that I created myself to notify me every time someone sends a new message to the Guest book.