My reading list

I like to surf the Internet. Sometimes I find interesting stuff to read. Mostly about programming and life.

My path to becoming a Rustacean

It’s very easy for one to feel impostor syndrome while learning Rust. Tim McNamara frames this really well: start small, and grow gradually. When you’re starting off, it’s OK to write basic code that might be inefficient, as long as it works and achieves the intended goal. Chances are, your relatively naive Rust code will still be way faster than your Python code. 😀

Nicky Case

A place where you can get some interesting insights into general knowledge, such as what the heck is a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, and infinite cycles.

Designing Better Links For The Web

There are so many websites out there that have not considered the overall usability of their visually impaired users.

A great engineer knows their tools

How a programmer should look at a tool. Learn from the lessons of other fields.

How To Learn Stuff Quickly

"If you can learn to quickly pick up new languages/frameworks/tools, you'll be able to be way more productive than the average developer."

The Rudder of the Day

How the first hour of the day affects our value for the day.

Open Source Guides

Gets you up to speed on the ins and outs of the open source world; answering the what, where, and how questions.

How to have a productive programming day

How to become a more productive programmer everyday.