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Website for an entertainment business in Jakarta. This website is a place to put event info and also reservations. In addition, this website will be a business profile that will be worked on custom with designs that have been previously designed by their team.

This project has produced 2 websites, namely:, and a web in other domain to maintain all the content that is here.


For the content management of I use a separate web. It is custom made for the needs of Because the web will be dynamic and require data communication with fast UI & UX support for creation and development, I use a combination of Vue, Nuxt, and NuxtUI tech stack as a solution.

Regarding storing data and assets, I clicked on Supabase to bootstrap and pursue faster project progress.


I just realized that I missed a little in predicting what technology would be used in the section. I think I was right to use Astro, because at first I thought this site would be completely static and only the ticket list section would be dynamic, based on the initial briefing. It turns out that I was wrong. The client wants all content on all pages to be dynamic. I think Astro is less suitable for this case, but the web is ready. It will take more time if I have to rewrite using other technologies.

I then wanted to rewrite it! And this time, it would use SvelteKit. But due to time constraints, only the running text part of the Svelte component.