List of traces and stories of the projects I've worked on that I can document. Most of the ones that aren't documented are still in my GitHub repository.

Links favicon 2023

My personal curated links and contact. favicon 2023

A fully dynamic web site for the promotion and sale of event tickets.

YKKA Chat favicon 2023

Dead simple chat application.

Pena favicon 2022

A place for me to pour out my writings, which are mostly about life and phenomena.

Rumah Covid favicon 2021
Rumah Covid

Small web project for a web design competition in which I was one of the winners.

Kebunkode favicon 2021

A space for students of Vocational High School 1 Banyuwangi to showoff their final projects.

NAM Logistic favicon 2020
NAM Logistic

Company profile website for inter-island logistics service providers in Indonesia.

Tuantanah favicon 2020

A web application that is intended as a meeting place between land sellers and potential buyers.