Kalwabed Rizki, Oct 21, 2020 2 min read

Departing from PHP

Before becoming a JavaScript developer, I first set out to start building websites using PHP on the server side.


CodeIgniter 3.x is the first and last PHP framework I have implemented for production. The reason for choosing CI myself was because I had to do an internship in a place that used CI as the main framework; I didn’t know much JavaScript, I didn’t even like JavaScript at that time.

The lesson, from there I learned more about JavaScript (even though at that time it was jQuery 😂)


Having studied Laravel, I admit it is powerful, what CI does not exist in Laravel. I thought about moving to Laravel, even to mark it I bought a Laravel class at BWA but never touched on the Laravel material because at that time I was still busy learning jQuery 😂. Even if I had time to taste Laravel more, I might never find the Node.js project folder on my laptop.


The reason I moved from PHP to Node.js stems from me being lazy to learn, especially if I have to explore CI and learn JavaScript on the other side. I thought how about learning JavaScript alone, it can be implemented on the server side anyway. I started learning Node.js little by little. Finally I decided to dive into Node.js but after my internship was over. Once completed, the Covid-19 pandemic has become increasingly violent, making schools have to implement learning from home. I did not waste this opportunity to get acquainted with JavaScript and its ecosystem, until now.