Hey there!

Let me tell you a bit more about me as a regular person. Nice to greet you!

I’m Kalwabed Rizki, a software engineer and seasoned book reader based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Dabbling in web development for a few years. Using JavaScript (I prefer TypeScript) for everyday work and frameworks like React.js, Vue.js and Astro for professional use.

I am currently looking for a new opportunity as a web engineer. Previously, I have worked as a full-stack developer at VNT, as a software engineer at a startup, and more.

Sometimes I write about things outside the programming and technical world, which I write in Indonesian and publish on Pena.


Kalwabed presenting at JogjaJS meetup #27
Kalwabed presenting at JogjaJS meetup #27

I'm a learner and believe in open source culture. I like to give talks at events or meetups when I have time and something interesting to share.



You can contact me by email at kalwabedrzk[at]proton.me to say hi! I always appreciate meeting new people.